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5 Tips To Keep Yourself Feeling Fresh During Freshers Week

5 Tips To Keep Yourself Feeling Fresh During Freshers Week

We know that a lot of the HQ Gals out there are students, and that a lot of you will be experiencing your first freshers week soon. The majority of the girls here at HQhair have been through the whole uni and freshers week experience, and we know that you probably won’t be feeling all that fresh throughout it, which is why we’ve gathered together 5 Tips To Keep You Feeling Fresh During Freshers Week.

Tip #1 – Keep Things Tidy

We know that going from ice-breaking event to dinner to night out to bed to next ice-breaking session leaves little time for tidying and organising your room, but keeping things in their correct place will make you feel so much better when you walk into a tidy and clean (ish) room. It’s a pretty simple one, just put your clothes away when you take them off, take your dishes to the kitchen, and empty your bin. Don’t let things pile up! Having a hangover in a clean room is much better than having a hangover in a dirty or messy room!

Speaking of hangovers…



Feeling fresh, fresher? Stop googling "how to cure a hangover" and get the 411 on how to fake it with our hangover cures in the form of makeup and skincare.

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Tip #2 – Grab Some Super Refreshing Shower Products

When we’re feeling a little worse for wear, our first port of call is to hop in the shower to freshen up a little. Grabbing some super refreshing shower products with uplifting scents will not only refresh your skin, but also lift your mood a little too.

The Mio Quickstart Exhilarating Shower Gel is infused with Guarana-derived caffeine to give your skin a pep talk and punch of energy, whilst the fresh Spearmint scent will clear your mind. In need of something a little more uplifting? Try Cowshed’s Grumpy Cow Uplifting Bath & Shower Gel. With a citrus blend containing essential oils of Mandarin Red will invigorate the senses, along with Petitgrain to cleanse and purify your skin and Grapefruit to stimulate circulation. You’ll feel super energised after a scrub with this! If that doesn’t quite take your fancy, take a look at the Happy Buddha Shower Foam from Rituals. Deeply infused with organic Mandarin and Yuzu, you’ll be feeling calm and refreshed after a rub down with this gel-to-foam formula.

Tip #3 – Hydration Stations!

Staying hydrated is one of the easiest ways to keep yourself feeling fresh. When you’re drinking a lot (which tends to happen during freshers week), eating junk foods, and not getting enough sleep, your body will naturally want to tell you to rest by making you feel tired and groggy. Drinking plenty of water can help counteract this, and it will help prevent those hellish hangovers too!

Tip #4 – Sleep Easy

We know freshers week is a super busy time and there is so much to do and get involved with, from freshers fairs and events to nights out and parties. We obv aren’t advising you to miss out on all the fun, but you’ve gotta make sure you get plenty of those zZzZ’s in too! There are a few little products we have up our sleeves for aiding a good nights sleep…

Tip #5 – Remove Your Makeup!

We aren’t going to lecture you on why removing your makeup is important, you already know all about that, but it can be very easy to forget to properly remove your makeup after a big night out. Once in a blue moon, we can let it go, but if you’re really going for it during freshers week, its likely that you’re going to have a few big nights in a row. Make sure you pop some makeup remover by the side of your bed and take off your makeup before you hit the hay! You’ll feel so much better the next morning too!

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What are your top tips for staying fresh during a busy week?



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