Harry Potter Fans Rejoice! Butterbeer Marshmallows Exist And We Need Them Now!

If you love Harry Potter and you love marshmallows, then you might want to sit up and listen as we reveal the decadent sweet treat that was made for you: Butterbeer Marshmallows. Yes, you read that correctly! Brainchild of US Marshmallow Cafe, XO Marshmallow, this game-changing sweet was created in celebration of Harry Potter Day which, if you didn’t know, fell on September 1.

Opening its doors in 2015, XO Marshmallow wished to bring the nostalgia of drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows into the 21st century with a unique, modern twist. Utilising premium ingredients such as classic vanilla bean and champagne, this dreamy cafe vow to develop innovative flavours and fun, creative dishes. Boasting a menu of over 17 different varieties of Marshmallows including Salted Caramel, Applie Pie, Champagne and Nutella, XO Marshmallow have a sweet treat for almost every occasion.

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Taking to Instagram to explain the method behind the magic, XO Marshmallow stated that the Butterbeer Marshmallow was a special creation that is ‘made with our homemade butterbeer sauce and tastes like butterscotch + rum + perfection!”.

Whilst the butterbeer marshmallows were originally created as a one-off special to celebrate the first day Harry, Ron & Hermione walked through the doors of Hogwarts, due to high-demand, XO Marshmallow have decided to bring them back! YES!

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The Marshmallows cost $7.95 for a box of 12 however shipping to the UK could set you back anywhere from $29 upwards depending on how many boxes you buy. We’ll take them all, please…

You can buy Butterbeer Marshmallows, here.