There is nothing quite like being pampered, so when the lovely people at Alpha H offered to send us up to Primrose Hill to experience one of their luxury facials we replied with a big fat ‘YES PLEASE’ and hit the send button quicker than an eyelash flutter.

I was lucky to have the charming and annoyingly naturally pretty Jodie to perform my facial treatment which lasted about an hour and a half. After talking to Jodie about my skin type (dry, we’re talking Sahara), the occasional hormonal breakout around the chin area and a little redness she set of work with an array of Alpha H products. To be completely honest I wasn’t 100% conscious during the treatment, there were moments where I was so relaxed all I could muster were a few ‘mmmmm’s’ and ‘aaaaahhhhh’s’ to each new moist texture I felt being applied to my face.

Straight after the facial I could notice how fresh my skin looked but it wasnt until days later that I really noticed how it had improved the general tone of my skin and it honestly hasn’t felt as dry since. The key products that were used in the facial include balancing cleanser, micro cleanse, age delay oil for massage and everyone’s favourite: liquid gold.

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Edward Jones

Edward Jones

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