Until Friday we are running a super cool reviews competition on our Facebook page, we are asking our ‘fans’ to post a review of a product they have bought from our site. The best review will be decided by our beauty expert, Jasmine, “I’ve worked at HQhair for over 6 years and know our products inside out so I have a pretty good understanding of what they do and how they work. Beauty products work in very different ways according to your skin type/body type/complexion so I’m looking for a review to really express not only what the reviewer experienced with the product but how it worked for their skin/body/complexion type and who they would recommend this product to.”

Entries should be posted before Friday at 3pm, the prize for the best review will be three selected products from the best selling HQhair range. The winner will be asked to review one or all of the products at a later date. To be eligible to enter this competition participants must be a registered customer and have bought their reviewed product from HQhair.com.

Go on if Simon Cowell can do it you can!

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Edward Jones

Edward Jones

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