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Jacqui Mcintosh is not just a renowned salon Hairstylist, but an Artistic Educator and platform Artist who develops content for in-salon artistry classes, and regularly participates in the coordination, planning and hosting all educational events within the UK, Europe and Africa for Avlon Europe. We caught up with Jacqui to ask her some questions on caring for Afro Hair types.

How has the education around Afro textured hair types helped shape the industry?

Education for afro hair has been phenomenal for this industry. It has brought a brand new respect for professionals who wish to embark on the delivery of professional Afro hair salon services and it has made those who have historically delivered these services raise the bar within their salon environment, as customers expectations and demands for a professional service have so rightly risen. Long gone are the days where consumers had to make do!

What makes Keracare different?

KeraCare is different because its satisfaction guaranteed. We guarantee satisfaction or your money back. Every ingredient within the KeraCare line is developed with the science of excessively curly hair taken into account. Our shampoos allow consumers to shampoo as frequently as they wish without stripping the hair and leaving it feeling dry. Our specialist scalp treatments ensure clients are left feeling confident that their hair is cleaned without removing the vital levels of moisture required for healthy scalps and hair. Our styling range imparts the correct level of moisture required without overloading the hair or scalp. KeraCare is a full styling and finishing range that will meet the needs of those consumers who wish to have the freedom to shampoo, condition and style their hair without compromise.

Can Keracare be used on all hair types?

Due to the quality and richness of KeraCare it is recommended for those hair types that don’t retain a high level of moisture such as naturally curly or chemically treated hair types, this is mostly excessively curly hair.

How many times a week do you recommend washing your hair, and should you always use shampoo AND conditioner?

There is a lot of controversy around the frequency of shampooing hair. In the past due to the chemical make-up of some shampoos it was not recommended to shampoo too frequently as the shampoos would strip the hair of its natural acid mantle. Due to the research and development of Avlon scientist we use high-grade ingredients within our shampoo range that has the ability to remove dirt and product build up without ever drying the hair. This is why users of KeraCare shampoo and conditioners have the freedom to clean their hair as they please obviously this will have an impact on those who have additional services such as Texture Release, Temporary and Semi Permanent colour services. Also, as these services have limited shampoo life and deplete on frequency of shampooing but a good stylist will advise on uses with this services.

Which products would be the best to help repair dry ends, and which products would you recommend for day to day maintenance?

This would be subjected to hair condition and hair type, However, if you have dry mid-length hair, the KeraCare Overnight Creme would be an excellent treatment to combat that. Daily maintenance for me would be the Silken Seal Liquid Sheen or Essential Oil for those clients that don’t like to use a cream based moisturiser product on their hair. For those that prefer crème based the Jojoba Oil Moisturiser or Creme Hairdress.

What haircare routine would you recommend to help control unruly curls?

Our Natural textured range is suited to unruly curls. Shampoo with the cleansing crème. Don’t towel dry! While the hair is wet apply a healthy amount of leave-in-conditioner then go in with Defining Custard and either leave hair to naturally air dry or use a diffuser on the end of your dryer, on a warm heat setting to remove excess moisture. Alternatively you can do a twist out using the Twist and Define Cream.

Is Keracare safe to use on chemically treated hair?

Keracare is suitable for chemically treated hair. Our conditioners have the best properties to align and repair all chemically treated hair.

Who are your hair idols?

Winston Issacs really put Afro hair on the UK map. Vidal Sasoon changed the world’s opinion of hairdressers. Last but not least, John Atchinson for me is the Vidal Sasoon of Afro Hairdressing. This man made me raise my game as a young hairdresser. There are many more, far too many to mention, but those three touched me as a young hairdresser and instilled a passion and pride of being a hairdresser within me that still lives on today

What are your favourite KeraCare products?

There are so many but if I was on a dessert island and could only have one product it would be our Essential Oils. It is a beautiful product with multiple uses.

How often should you have a deep conditioning treatment?

This does depend on the individual but as a rule minimum once a month. If you have a chemical treatment once a fortnight.

Afro Hair Care Keracare

What tips do you have for Afro Hair types? Do you have any questions you’d like answers to? Let us know in the comments below, or over on Twitter or Instagram – @HQHair

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