Your eyes are the first things people notice, so you want them to look stunning, gorgeous and downright beautiful! Eye shadows can come in creams, powders and pencils with an array of different colours, so choosing the ones that are perfect for you can be really difficult.

Stila Smudge Pot

Just remember – choose shades that match your skin tone and your eye colour!
  • For Fair Skin – Lighter shades work best.
  • For Olive-toned Skin – Browns are perfect; choose colours that are slightly darker than your skin tone to make your eyes pop!
  • For Golden-toned Skin – Pale greys, blues, pinks & purples are perfect.
  • For Light Brown Skin – Shimmery browns work best. You can also use vibrant colours; these will work best with shimmery tones.
  • For Dark Skin – Use eye shadows that have gold or silver flecks of colour.

Some of our favourite eye shadows include the gorgeous little Smudge Pots from Stila! Two of my personal favourite shades are shown above. Each little pot is gorgeous and vibrant, and last’s all day when worn over an eye shadow primer. Find out more>

Another Favourite is the New NARS Limited Edition Trio Eyeshadow – Douce France! From the Spring 12 collection, this beauty includes bold colour and sophisticated shimmer, as always it’s long-lasting and super vibrant! Find out more>
 Love Kim xx

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