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If there’s a new hair product, then the squad at HQhair’s head office wanna know about it. When we heard Grow Gorgeous were launching a brand new hair mask we were lucky enough to get our hands on it straight away. Wanna know whether it works or if it’s all just chat? Keep scrolling to read our Grow Gorgeous reviews…

Grow Gorgeous Reviews: The Hair Mask Intense

Content gal Melissa took home the Grow Gorgeous Intense hair mask to try at home, and this is exactly what she thought of it.

Grow Gorgeous Hair Mask Intense Reviews | HQhair Blog

First Impressions

I’ve got pretty fine hair, so for me a hair mask has got to be lightweight and volumising. I’ve tried plenty in that past that have just ended up in the bin as they’re way too heavy and make my hair look dull and full of product.

When I first opened the jar I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but I really like the smell and the cream consistency.

First I used the Grow Gorgeous Repair Shampoo and Conditioner to start my routine.

I then applied the Grow Gorgeous hair mask all over my hair – from root to tip – and left it on for a bit less than they recommended. As I’ve mentioned, fine hair can have a bit of a tough time with hair masks, so I thought I’d limit the amount of time I used it for!

Grow Gorgeous Haircare Reviews | HQhair Blog

After five mins, I rinsed it all off. I find that some hair masks can be pretty tough to wash out, leaving my hair looking a bit greasy with the product residue, but this one was pretty easy to massage out.


Grow Gorgeous Hair Mask Intense Reviews | HQhair Blog

The Results

I blow dried my hair for a bit, then left the rest of it to dry naturally, and I’m pretty happy with the results! My hair definitely feels like it’s got more volume – which is exactly what I was going for – and as it was easy to wash out I don’t feel like there’s any build up of product in my hair at all. Plus, I really liked the smell, and my hair was left faintly scented of it.

My final thoughts in my Grow Gorgeous review? It’s a great easy-to-use hair mask that works quickly. Hopefully as I use this more frequently, I’ll see more improvements, including much thicker and stronger hair!