Have you ever applied your make up and found that within a few hours it’s not looking how you wanted to?

Mikey Philips, the International Make Up Artist for New CID cosmetics, talks us through how he preps the skin for make up that promises for long lasting, flawless finishes.

‘Preparation is the key to how good your makeup will look.

Exfoliate the skin regularly as this will remove any dry dead skin and help clear any blocked pores.  Your cleanser and skin care routine will then  work more effectively.

Cleanse thoroughly with a cleanser according to skin type but taking care not to use any harsh or drying products .

Serums are great for adding luminosity or hydration to the skin and can even be mixed with your foundation for added glow and benefits .

Moisturise with a hydrating moisturiser and eye cream to keep skin smooth soft and supple.

Always use primer such as i – prime to lock the moisture into the skin and act as a base for your makeup.’






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