Ready for some retro creative flare with flawless results?

Bring on the Andy Warhol Silver Factory collection from Nars! A collaboration that transforms the iconic artists work into a cosmetics line with a quirky twist.

Featuring some of Warhol’s most famous pieces like Soup Can, Back Room and Chelsea Girls being adopted by various products to give them quirky and retrospective aspects. Using vibrant and clashing colours to allow you to create stunning and dynamic everyday looks, way overstepping the norm.


Our top picks

The Nars Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Empire, great for creating smudged or sleek lines around your eyes with a dark, strong pigment with a smooth, creamy pencil.

The Nars Larger Than Life Lipgloss in Holly Woodlawn, inspired by the actress who starred in Trash, boasts a delicious, vibrant red colour with a high gloss and rich pigment finish.

Wearing these 2 together gives you and effortless avenue for creating the classic retro liner and red lip look

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