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At lunchtime we had a big catch up with the lovely Fake Bake team over on Twitter, and they’ve been answering all our questions about the mind-boggling world of fake tan. In case you missed it, we’ve got all the answers here. So if you’re worried about applying your fake tan or removing it, or just want to avoid the dreaded ‘orange palms’ read on for all the tips, tricks and advice you need. You can find all the products mentioned are available at HQHair.com with free delivery options. Plus we’ve got a very special giveaway too!

Q1. What is your number 1 tanning tip?

A1. This would definitely be “fail to prepare & prepare to fail”. Preparing the skin for a self-tan will help ensure a flawless finish and will also aid tan maintenance.

Q2. How can I avoid patchiness around my knees?

A2. Always use a Fake Bake preparation product on dry areas (knees, hands, feet & elbows) before applying a self-tan. Fake Bake Oil Free Moisturiser & Mistifier are ideal products to prep dry areas before a self-tan!

Q3. How soon after showering should I fake tan?

A3. Skin should always be clean when tanning, After showering prepare dry areas to leave skin perfectly primed for self-tan. Always try to shave or wax 24 hours before tanning.

Q4. What makes Fake Bake different to any other tanning brand?

A4. Our products contain no stains or dyes, but rather they work to enhance the skin’s natural pigment. What’s more our unique formulae are also free from artificial preservatives and parabens.

Q5. What is your number 1 tan trend?

A5. Whatever your style/fave tanning trend and whatever your skin type, you can create a bespoke tan with Fake Bake products.

Q6. I’m really pale, is fake tan going to suit me?!

A6. All our products work to enhance your natural pigment to create a beautifully natural looking tan. We would recommend starting with Fake Bake Fair and then if your are looking to achieve a deeper tan try Original.

Q7. What can I use to make sure my face is as tanned as my body?

A7. Try our award-winning self-tan The Face, which has been specially formulate to tan delicate facial skin. It also contains Matrixyl-3000 which is a specialist anti-aging peptide that promotes collagen production.

Q8. What is the best way to remove my tan?

A8. Exfoliating using Fake Bake’s Passion Fruit Body Polish will ensure your tan fades evenly.

Q9. What is the best way to prep skin for fake tan?

A9. Exfoliating using Fake Bake’s Passion Fruit Body Polish ensures an even surface for tanning. Moisturise dry areas with our oil free products to ensure tan does not stick, et voilà – perfect tanning conditions!

Q10. How can I avoid having orange palms after tanning?

A10. Use Fake Bake Skin Smoothie Oil on palms which works as a barrier to emulsify product but will not stop development.


Let us know in the comments if you found this article helpful, and tell us if you have any more questions about fake tan. You can view the full range of Fake Bake tanning products at HQHair.com, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter to stay up-to-date with all the latest launches and unmissable offers!




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