Introducing: Illamasqua Anti Matter Lipstick

Once again, Illamasqua have nailed it with yet another new launch. Their Anti Matter lipsticks have well and truly taken the HQ office by storm and it’s safe to say we are pretty obsessed. With 18 new shades, these semi-matte lipsticks celebrate rebel nature and the rule breakers that look far beyond traditional beauty techniques and formulations. That’s something we can get on board with!

The 18 futuristic and dynamic shades oppose predictable lip textures, with their matte yet creamy finish, and offer shades to suit every skin tone. All shades are blendable and buildable, allowing you to create your own out-of-this-world look.

Which Are Our Faves?

Illamasqua Anti Matter Lipstick at HQhair

This is a difficult question, as we’re head over heels with every single shade in the collection, but we’ve managed to narrow it down to our 8 favourite shades!

The Nudes

Illamasqua Anti Matter Lipstick Nude Shades HQhair

Shades left to right: Mars, Bang, Cosmic

Who doesn’t love a good nude? These three shades from Illamasqua’s Anti Matter collection are what dreams are made of. Mars gives us that brick orange nude, Bang offers a more neutral brown nude, and Cosmic is a rosy pink nude, basically all of the nudes you will ever need.

The Super Galactic

Illamasqua Anti Matter Lipstick HQhair Pink Purple Lipstick Shades

Shades left to right: Energy, Vibrate, Hadron

If you’re more of an experimenter, these shades need to be in your collection. Energy is the most beautiful electric berry-purple, Vibrate gives us more of a bright lavender pink, and Hadron is a seriously beautiful muted pink. These shades have us day dreaming of summer!

The Newbies

Illamasqua Anti Matter Lipstick Physical Eclipse HQhair

Shades left to right: Eclipse, Physical

The final two shades we’re totally loving were released later than the rest, all in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. We know what you’re thinking, white lipstick looks kind of crazy, but hear us out first. Eclipse is actually a shade everyone should have in their collection, even those who prefer to stick to nude or muted colours. With this white lipstick, you are able to mix your own shade, lightening any other lip colours you already have, and you can even create a smokin’ hot ombre lip by dabbing Eclipse onto the middle of your lip and blending outwards.

Finally, Physical is a dreamy bright pink-red shade, think Barbie at a UV rave. This shade is on our Valentine’s wishlist without a doubt!

Which shade are you lusting after? Let us know over on Twitter & Instagram!



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