This is the exact concealer Miranda Kerr wore on her wedding day

If there’s one woman we trust for beauty advice, it’s supermodel of the century, Miranda Kerr. So when the VS angel and all-round mega babe shared her wedding day beauty secrets on Instagram, we were beyond excited! (and for good reason, too!) It turns out, her beautiful skin isn’t just a win on the genetic lottery (though that certainly helps!) and is in fact down to this one, game-changing product that will be sure to airbrush your complexion in one fell-swoop.

miranda kerr

Miranda Kerr

Yes, you guessed it, we’re talking about RMS Beauty ‘Un’ Cover-up Concealer. Obviously Miranda is a supermodel, so her flawless skin is perhaps a genetic advantage. However, we were still ecstatic to be let in on her coveted beauty secrets! Speaking on Instagram, Miranda says  ‘I use RMS concealer [which is beautifully] lightweight’. If its good enough for you Miranda, it’s good enough for us! You can watch the full video, below…

My wedding day Beauty Secrets ????(click link in bio for full video) @voguemagazine @sophfei @koraorganics

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RMS Un Cover Up is a lightweight concealer that works to bring out skin’s natural radiance. Perfect as a foundation or concealer, this ultra-hydrating formula melts effortlessly into skin, adapting to your skin tone and camouflaging blemishes. Its second-skin finish never feels heavy, and expertly diminishes the appearance of pores for a photo-ready (wedding ready) complexion.