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Bohemian Hair Must Haves For Festival Season

We love everything about festivals. Live music, your best friends around you, drink in hand and (hopefully) a good bit of sun too! The only thing that we wish we could avoid is the hair and make-up situation. Us gals at HQhair are pretty emotionally attached to our hair and make-up products, and when you’ve got to get 4 days worth of life into a rucksack, there isn’t much room for those eyeshadow palettes and hair serums, not to mention the lack of showers or electricity… We’ve created a 4 day foolproof plan to get super chilled bohemian hair this festival season with minimal effort and as few products as possible.

Hair Watch: Day 1 – Fresh & Fearless

Today is the day you’re heading to the festival. Get up that little bit earlier and wash your hair in the morning. Trust us, you’ll thank yourself on day 3! Wash your hair thoroughly and make sure you rinse out your conditioner fully. Use a minimal amount of product after washing, and don’t apply anything super oily to the top section of your hair. Party the day and night away, and before you hit the sack, braid your hair into two tight braids.

What You’ll Need:

Hair Watch: Day 2 – Still Got Style

Wake up and loosen those braids. Your hair should be feeling fresh still, and you’ll have those beaut boho waves! Tease the hair slightly with a wide toothed comb, and for extra bohemian hair vibes, add a few small braids throughout different layers of your hair. Add a spritz of strong hold hairspray, to keep your waves in place, but don’t over-do it! Bonus points if you can find some cute flowers to weave in there too! Before you crash out, remove the small braids and sleep with your hair in a loose low pony tail.

What You’ll Need:

Hair Watch: Day 3 – Looking Lifeless?

Your hair should still be pretty wavy if you braided it tight enough on day 1. Let your hair down and comb it through with a wide toothed comb. Take the top section and bring it up towards the top of your head into a messy bun or high pony, whichever you prefer. Before you secure it, keep a section from underneath out to braid and wrap around your hair tie. Add more braids through the lengths of your hair for extra boho vibes.

What You’ll Need:

Hair Watch: Day 4 – Grease, Be Gone!

It’s time for the top of the head messy bun! Grab some dry shampoo and spray it into your roots. Allow it to sit while you get dressed or do your make-up to soak up any oils, then brush/rub it in. This will remove any of that greasy texture and add volume! Back comb your roots slightly, flip your hair upside down and spritz with some more hair spray. Keeping your hair flipped over, loosely gather your hair into a bun at the top of your head and secure. Tease a few sections of hair out to create an intentionally messy look, spray with some more hairspray and voilà!

What You’ll Need:

Will you be rocking the bohemian hair trend this festival season? What essentials will you be packing? Let us know over on Twitter & Instagram!




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