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Hi! I’m Milly, and I run a blog that goes by the name of Mini Adventures (www.mini-adventures.com), where I talk lots of beauty as well as sharing my favourite things and ‘mini adventures’ around London and beyond. HQ Hair have kindly let me share one of my favourite summer looks for this guest post – a golden, glowing face that’s perfect for everyday summertime wear. For this makeup tutorial, I’ve used products from Pixi – a great brand that bloggers are raving about!

Golden Summer Glow Makeup Tutorial With Pixi

Most of the look comes via the Pixi Summer Glow Palette (Coming Soon to HQhair!), which has all the eye and face shades you’ll need for the season. Summer is all about glowing, bronzed skin and complimentary eye looks, and I’ve gone for a subtle yet shimmery golden eye look that’s still quite natural looking. And here’s how I did it…

Golden Summer Glow Makeup Tutorial With Pixi

1. Fill in brows using the Pixi Brow Palette. I use the darkest shade as mine are naturally quite dark anyway, but there’s a full range from blonde to dark, plus a black shade that works a treat for lining eyes.
2. Use the golden shade from the Eyelid Hues trio all over the lid and up into the eye crease, pushing it up further to your brows if that’s your thing!
3/4. Take the bottom gold shimmery shade from the Crease Shadows trio and blend into the crease, just under where your brow bone is.
5. Using the light golden highlight shade from the palette, dust the highlighter just under the brow. Apply two coats of your favourite mascara, and your eye look is done!
6. Apply foundation and concealer as you normally would, then dust a small amount of Pixi Quick Fix Bronzer across your temples, down the side of the face and under the cheekbones – think of it as a sort of ‘3’ shape on the side of your face!
7. Finish off your look by spritzing your face with the Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist (Coming Soon) to make sure it stays perfect on even the hottest, sweatiest of summer days.

Pixi Summer Glow Makeup Palette

I’ve been really impressed by the quality and shades in the Pixi range, and definitely rate the Summer Glow Palette as a summer makeup go-to, with everything you need in one place. If you’re looking for a ‘makeup wardrobe’ refresh, Pixi have a fab selection of products that will keep you looking fresh all summer long!



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