Behind the Brand – ORLY

Founded in 1975 by Jeff Pink, ORLY International was born from a need to innovate natural nail care. With over 25 treatments, which include base and top coats, strengtheners, quick dry agents, cuticle care products and speciality products to adapt to every persons needs.

Creating limited edition, seasonal collections as well as their 150 staple shades that have been around for years. ORLY do not test on animals and contain a 3 free formula which means that there is no Toluene, DPB or Formaldehyde in any of their products. Also, no animal products are used, so the shimmer used in their polishes are infused with crystals rather than fish scales like other brands.

The Gripper Cap

ORLY introduced the award-wining gripper cap in 2002. Today, this patented, ergonomic tool continues to provide ease of opening and flawless performance. This innovation has always been the cornerstone of the ORLY success story. The rubberised exterior, combined with easy-to-grip dimples on the cap, makes the bottle simple to open and allows for a more controlled application of lacquer, resulting in a more professional looking manicure.


Beautiful manicures start with strong, healthy nails. ORLY’s comprehensive line of nail treatments provides effective solutions for every nail care need. From cuticle care to quick-dry, you’ll find targeted treatment products to improve nail strength, wear ability, colour adhesion, dry time and shine.

The Colours

ORLY has a huge range of colours, from vampy black shades to pale pastels, no matter what you’re looking for, you know your nails will be on fleek!

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