Eco-Friendly Products from O’Right | The Review

Here at HQhair, we were pretty damn excited about the launch of O’Right; a range of eco-friendly products that offers expert care along with biodegradable packaging and amazing environmental credentials. As soon as they landed, one of the lovely ladies in the office snapped up her own selection of O’Right hair products, so we asked her to write an in-house review for us on how well it really works!

Eco-friendly products from O'Right at HQhair

I’d been excited about O’right launching with us from the beginning, so when I got the chance to try out the Golden Rose Colour Care range for myself, I couldn’t wait to get home and wash my hair (even on what should have been my ‘dry shampoo day’). My hair had been lacking in life in general after taking the plunge and getting my dark brunette locks ombre’d to a surprisingly very light colour, so you can just imagine what my hair had to go through to get it like that. Of course, working at HQhair, I have tried and tested a truck load of hair products to attempt to mend my hair back to health. But O’right has been like sending my hair to rehab; just what the doctor ordered.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with O’right still, the packaging is a green dream. The lightweight white biodegradable bottles come with a universally popular bamboo wooden lid that looks minimal yet stylish in any bathroom. My mum didn’t have to hide these ones away in the cupboard!

The Golden Rose Colour Care Shampoo is very runny when you put it in your hand, making you feel like you need to double up on your usual shampoo dosage. WRONG. A little goes a long way! Its naturally foaming agents really are something else, because a 10pence sized amount had me rocking a foaming afro like no other in the shower. Completely lightweight and free from 8 harsh chemicals that are often found in most shampoos, I could feel my hair thanking me already.

After easily rinsing out and following with the Golden Rose Colour Care Conditioner, the routine gets even more pleasant. As I poured a big dollop of conditioner into my hand ready to slap onto my dehydrated ends, I could see the difference in the consistency. It was so light compared to other conditioners I had used. Yet as I was smoothing it through the ends I could feel it detangling just as easily. But that’s not the best bit. The smell! Oh my. Roses to be precise. But it isn’t your usual artificial floral fragrance; it smells as though someone has delivered fresh flowers to you at the door of your shower. Steven Ko – you really are winning me over here.

I finished off by applying a 5pence piece sized amount of the Golden Rose Colour Care Oil to my towel dried ends, helping me to comb through and detangle without the usual twenty minute struggle I usually endure. The oil contains golden rose essential oil and water soluble silicone that repairs the cuticle, locks in moisture and helps to restore strength, and boy can you tell. I applied a little more onto my dry ends after drying and was surprised at how hydrated and smooth my hair looked and felt. I hadn’t felt my hair like that since my last salon visit!

After the second and third time of using the products I noticed my hair feeling significantly healthier every time. Less breakage and grease, more shine, and it’s detangled! My ombre’d ends feel like they’re already on their way to being beautiful without the need for a salon trip any time soon – winner!

Are you going to pick anything from the O’right range up? Don’t forget, you can shop the complete collection on HQhair with free delivery!





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