5 Fun Workouts To Try This Year

If getting fit and healthy is on your mind this year, you’re probably thinking about bringing some kind of exercise into your routine. Hitting the gym and going for a run is great, but our motto here at HQ is ‘what’s the point if you don’t enjoy it?’. That’s why we’ve found 5 fun workouts to try this year. No more treadmills and spin classes for us!

  1. AntiGravity/Aerial Yoga

    Essentially a mixture of Yoga, Pilates and aerial acrobatics. We want to sign up already. Invented by aerial performer Christopher Harrison, AntiGravity Yoga gives you a full body workout, helps relieve stress, and can help with back issues due to the ability to hang freely and allow your spine to stretch. We definitely want in on this one!

  2. Piloxing

    Combining elements of dance, Pilates, and boxing, Scandinavian Viveca Jenson created Piloxing cardio fusion. Aiming to physically and mentally empower individuals through fitness, Piloxing involves graceful movements and powerful punches, burning up to 1200 calories per hour and creating a sense of both physical and mental balance.

  3. Derby Lite

    What more could you want from a fitness class than to feel like a badass roller derby girl? Derby Lite, created by Barbara ‘Queen B’ Dolan, became the first ever, deliberately safe and intentionally fun roller skating workout based on the skills and drills of the competitive roller derby. Starting with ‘learn to skate’ classes for those ‘bambi on ice’ types like us, attendees then move into the fitness classes, and have some serious fun whilst working out!

  4. HulaFit

    Improve strength, coordination and burn calories all whilst feeling the childhood nostalgia of hula hooping! HulaFit was created in 2013 by Anna Byrne, London’s cult Hula Hooping artist, and Rowan Byrne, a personal trainer, who both have loads of experience within the hula hoop and fitness world. The pair aimed to create an environment that is as focused on the ‘fit’ as it is on the ‘fun’. We’ll be applying for some classes asap!

  5. Twerkout

    Yep, you guessed it. This one is all about twerking. Remember that time Miley took it a little too far on stage with Robin Thicke in skin coloured latex? Yeah, well that twerking kind of started a movement, and you can now attend ‘Twerkout‘ classes. Burning up to 530 calories per 55 minute session, and helping to increase bone density, it turns out twerking is actually really good for you!

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